You are special. You fascinate people.

Wouldn’t you feel good when people compliment you?  

“You look beautiful today.” “You are such a good friend.” “You have good tastes.” “You  let me feel the warmth of the world.”

What would be THE BEST compliment you want to hear? Sometimes it is difficult to think of one, because you know your uniqueness is more than one sentence of compliment.

For me, there is one sentence that will light up my little inner world: You are so special.

DSCF0692(I bought this little sticker during my trip in Cancun)

Yes, Mama always says “You are special.” to me. As I grow up, I find out that it is not easy to be special in this universe. There are too many people who look alike, act alike, dress alike and even think alike. I start to doubt my uniqueness. Yet, there are moments when I still feel I am special to people. 


From time to time, I will receive friends’ postcard from all over the world.  I guess, in this busy world, I must have something special to let people  actually take time to handwrite me a postcard. Oh, maybe you are thinking “why don’t I have any friends who would send me postcards?”, don’t worry, you must have something else special in you. What about doing  a self-assessment test?

In my digital marketing class, my professor gave us a chance to find out more about ourselves. She asked us to take Sally Hogshead’s Fascination Test . A test that will tell you how other people perceive you and how you can fascinate people. Sally Hogshead had a inspiring Ted Talk explaining the seven triggers of fascination: Power, Mystique, Passion, Prestige, Alarm, Vice/Rebellion and Trust. These 7 triggers forms 49 archetypes (personality).

So here is my result:


I am the “Talent” who is expressive, stylish, emotionally intelligent.  (Ha, that little blue number under the chart made me feel special.) My primary trigger is Passion which enable me to create strong and immediate emotional connections with people, communicate expressively and have an attractive personal and professional style of interaction.  I love making new friends and quickly build strong emotional bonds with them. Many times, my friends would told me they felt that we have known each other for years while we might have just met. Maybe the Passion trigger speaks to why people would send me postcards and why I am special to them.  My secondary trigger is Prestige. People with prestige trigger can “rapidly gain respect from others, motivate people for higher quality deliverables, pay attention to the smallest details.” After last semester’s campaign project, I was told that my high standard for myself really motivated my teammates to try harder.

Before I took this test, I actually wrote down some keywords for my self. I think I am :enthusiastic, sensitive, detail-oriented, passionate, caring, ambitious, social, optimistic, humorous. And here is the list of keyword I got from the test: enthusiastic, expressive, intuitive, social, impulsive, ambitious, detail-oriented, recognized, uncompromising, focused. ( the matched keywords were bolded) I am surprised that test result accurately describes my traits and the keywords matches up. 

Want to find out more about yourself and how you can fascinate others? Take the Fascination Test!



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