A Waterless Day. or A waterless life?

“Due to the replacement of the water pipe, we will be out of water from 1o:00 am – 3:00pm during the day.” My apartment building sent out an email last week, I carelessly deleted it without a glance. Maybe I was thinking I could live without water for just an couple hours, ha, I was wrong.

When you always have your loved one around, you will not realize how important he/she is. The same thing apply to water.

It was an total hazardous day. I had no water to brush my teeth, wash my face,take a shower, cook noodles, and flush my toilet. It was only for a few hours. I can hardly imagine people who are living without even just one drop of clean water.


I saw this little quote from Water.org’s twitter feed and learned that hundreds of thousands people died from the lack of clean water everyday. I curiously click on a video about them to find out more information.

Water.org has done tremendous work to help those in need and built stronger community in less developed countries. I was touched by the work they have been doing, but not so much for their website.


The layout of the website seems very clean at first glance, at least above the fold. As I scroll down, I feel that the organization is throwing a lot of information on me. Also, I have a hard time looking at the navigation menu because all words are capitalized. There are almost too much graphics that distract me from finding the right information. It seem like water.org is trying really hard to “sell” me their concept, efforts and projects. I like the color tone of blue and white, which reflects the personality of the organization. However, I would love to see a website that clearly pinpoint the importance or impact of what they are doing and how we can help. Water.org’s website is responsive on phone and tablet, but I think they can better arrange the order of information shown on mobile website.

Water.org provide a lot of educational information about water crisis on their website. I was shocked when looking at the number of people who suffer from contaminated water.


I really can’t go without clean water for even a few hours. Can you?

Maybe we can all donate our voice and money to help making the world a little better.If you want to help, maybe you can DONATE now?


2 Comments on “A Waterless Day. or A waterless life?

  1. Hi Jocelyn!
    Nice to know that we both share the same fascination trigger ( in a reverse way).

    I love that you wrote specifically how you felt when you use the website of water.org. It’s very clear and detailed. As a reader, I would like to know immediately what you are going to write about, however, your opening and ending are a little confusing, which had little to do with the UX design of this organization.

  2. Even the organization is about science and natural resources, it still needs to care about UX. I think I am with you, they should improve user experience by re designing the website maybe

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