$1, a better you, a better world: Google’s One Today App

Little bit by Perrin Lamb (play it, it will make you happy)

We were all born with a kind heart. With this heart, we show solicitude to our love ones, we smile to people who helped us, we give support to help people achieve their dreams. We appreciated the little things others have done for us. We also feel good for little things we do for others. The powerful Google created a platform for people to “give a little, change a lot”- One Today App.


One Today highlights a different organization everyday and allow users to donate as little as $1 a day.  Users can view and share  details of the organization right in the app. You can also share information of your donation to all your social media platforms or just do good secretly. If you want to raise more money for the organization, you can match your friends to make more donation. For every dollar you donate, there will be a 2 cents payment processing cost and the rest will all go to the organization you selected ( which I think it is a standard for online transactions). Non-profit organization can simply register on OneToday website to let people learn about you and raise money for meaningful projects. Yes, it works both ways.



I came across this app when I was looking for a NGO app. OneToday grabbed my heart immediately, the logo of One Today look so simple and clean and it is developed by Google. The layout of the app is very pleasing and easy on eyes. It shows a “happy or positive tone” photo of the project that reminds you the happiness of doing good. Then as you scroll down, you immediate see “How your $1 help”. The app highlights the most important information with a larger font that makes it attention grabbing.

According to a study, an average app session time (from opening an app to closing it) only lasts 71.56 seconds. So when it comes to app, SIMPLICITY is the key to success.

One Today perfectly illustrate simplicity of an app for the following aspect:

  • Simply discover:  Showcase One charity project a day. Even ones you have never discover.
  • Simply donate:  One dollar a day by pressing One button. You can simply pledge the donation to the organization by tapping the gift box button. You can choose to pay one by one or accumulate the amount.
  • Simply track: You can simply track your progress of impacting the world. You simply feel good about yourself.
  • Simply share: You can simply spread the love by sharing with your friends and family. You can also match your friends to donate their $1.

I love this app, it definitely worth that little time to download it.

It is not just an App.

It is a platform that connects kind hearts.

It is a community for good people.

It is a marketing platform for NGOs.

It is a simple way to be a better you and make a better world.


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